Centre for Education and Development (CFED) is a registered non-profit making organisation dedicated to advocacy on education and development issues with strong bias towards promoting girls’ education. CFED was founded in 2015 and is currently run by volunteers as the process of securing sustainable financing is underway to establish permanent structures.

CFED’s approach is to engage citizens to contribute to solving community problems without waiting for someone to do it for them. It mainly relies on donations from well-wishers.


Adopt a Child Project

Since its establishment, CFED has carried out anumber of projects. One of the projects is Adopt a Child which has been workingtowards reducing the number of girls that drop out of school due to lack of basicschool needs. The project connects needy students to well-wishers to supporttheir education. The support is either directly between the sponsor and thebeneficiary or through CFED. This is open to any well-wisher willing to supporta child in form of either cash or materials. About 100 girls are being assisted by 2018.

Tiwerenge Project

Tiwerenge is a newspaper reading project that buysnewspapers for schools. The aim is to bring current affairs closer to studentsand also improving the reading culture among the school-going children.Currently, five schools in Chilomoni Township namely; Mulunguzi CDSS, MichiruCCAP Primary, Mulunguzi Primary, Lumbira CDSS and John Paul II Leadership &IT Institute are receiving free copies of Weekend Nation. Other schools areNtambanyama primary school in Thyolo, Kankhate primary school in Mchinji andLivingstonia CDSS in Rumphi. Each of the schools receives a Weekend Nation copy every week. The projectbudget is  $833 (K600 000) and runs untilDecember 2018. We welcome individuals who want to buy newspapers for theirformer schools. The cost is $55.56 (K40 000) per year for a copy delivered to the schoolevery Saturday.  

Girls Camp

CFED runs Girls camps which bring togetherschool-going girls to interact and listen to motivational talks by role models.The objective is to give the young girls an opportunity to interact and meetwomen in careers they want to partake in future. This is to give them a senseof reality and believing that it is doable. The camps are held twice in a yearat two different venues. The first camp were funded to the tune of $1400 (K1 million) and the forthcoming one  $7 639 (K5.5million).

Leadership and Governance

CFED also runs governance projects aimed at bridging the information gap and promote professionalism in different sectors of the economy. The initiative provides trainings to different groups. From 11-12 October 2018, CFED with funding from KAS Media Africa from Germany trained 30 journalists drawn from different media houses in political communication and journalism ahead of the 2019 Malawi elections. The project was funded at the tune of 12 000 Euros (about K10 020 000).