Our Core Values

Inclusiveness — the foundation believes in inclusiveness and that no one should be left
behind in development. Anyone from the catchment area is welcome to become a
member and our programmes endeavour to consider gender equality and equity, and
promote fair treatment of all membership and partners.
Respect—is cardinal in all CFED activities considering that there are many institutions
doing charity work and some maybe working in our catchment areas or implementing
similar projects. CFED respects such institutions and in most cases complements their

Independence — this means being independent from personal and political interests and
prioritizing services that put the community interests first.

Our Vision — to see a transformed society with citizens that stands up for their problems
without waiting for someone and where no student drops out of school due to lack of
school fees, uniform or other basic school needs.

Our Mission Statement — to be the engine of change in the communities we operate in
and inspire community members to realise that they are a solution to problems facing
their community and help them to effectively contribute to the development of their
communities without donor dependency.

CFED Overall Goal — to engage local membership, its audiences and communities in the
foundation’s activities that underscore the importance of being part of the problems
facing the communities and ensure each member plays a relevant role to develop the
community and ensuring that no student drops out of school due to lack of schools fees
and learning materials